In a variety of projects, our team has been able to take major projects in the medical technology, automotive, aviation and industrial sectors to the next level and gain experience in various contexts.

At NOA Academy you have the opportunity to benefit from our first-hand experience. In various series of seminars we will provide you with the know-how you need in your everyday work and offer you practical implications for direct practical relevance.

Our trainers are always up to date with the latest technology and regulation changes and can therefore comply with the applicable regulations.

Our practice-oriented seminars

If you are interested in further education or need new knowledge for your profession, then our seminars are just right for you. Choose a suitable date to attend the seminar, or contact us directly if you would like an in-house training course.

Our range of seminars covers various engineering and quality management as well as project management topics. You can find an overview down here. After successful participation in each seminar you will receive a certificate from NOA Academy.

The next step forward

Are you in a managerial position or would you like to take the next step on the career ladder? Then our individual coaching offers you the best opportunity. We accompany you as a reliable partner in your projects. You will find an overview of our coaching services in this overview.

About our trainers

Trainers at NOA Academy are certified in their specialist field and can therefore draw on a wealth of knowledge. Thanks to many years of practical experience in worldwide projects, they also have a wealth of hands-on experience, which they can pass on directly to the learners in practical applications. We work according to well-founded pedagogical methods, so that you receive the maximum input.