Clean Room organisation in times of corona

Clean Room organisation in times of corona

Duration:1 lesson, 3 hours.

Participation: Videocall. In person meetings are suspanded due to Covid-19.


Clean rooms are high-risk areas that require special attention when developing building management concepts. As contamination is one of the greatest threats to people, product quality and the environment, these spaces must be carefully monitored and precisely controlled at all times, for example, to prevent the spread of aggressive bacteria and viruses in the health system or health. Maintain good manufacturing practices in the life sciences sector. To reliably control all relevant parameters, such as temperature, air humidity and airborne particles, combining all management systems in one complete solution is the best approach.

The cleanrooms depend on precisely controlled environmental conditions. To minimize the risk of contamination and protect people and property, the technological infrastructure must meet the strictest quality standards. We have decades of experience in adapting our integrated clean room solutions to the specific requirements of each installation to ensure that all environmental parameters are safely controlled, monitored and stored.

Target group & pre-requisite
Qualified employees, managers and engineers.
Goals & benefits

Provides tool and method to guarantee the maximum quality control during the process.