Project Management

Project Management Workshop

Duration: 1 lesson, 3 hours.

Participation: Videocall. In person meetings are suspanded due to Covid-19.

Projects are very common in everyday business life. The main goal of project management is to finish projects of different complexity and size within time, cost and quality. This requires a set of tools to successfully navigate through the phases of a project. In this workshop you will gain the basic knowledge of project management and you will get an overview of tools that enables you to successfully get through future projects. 
Target group & pre-requisite
Employees, Engineer or Bachelor in Economics or Management
Goals & benefits

This workshop helps to: 

  • Setup project structures and project teams. 
  • Get to know what makes a project and which phases are gone through a project. 
  • Get knowledge of how to track project progress, ressources and budgets. 
  • Get proven tools and techniques that will help your teams become more motivated, involved and successful. 
  • Basic knowledge of change management. 
  • Implement and adapt innovative management approaches necessary for managers and leaders for motivation, growth, and development of teams, and the company as a whole.