NOA in times of corona

The times we are currently facing are times of uncertainty for many of us. That a virus from one part of the world could lead to a lockdown all over the world and cause many hospitals to near the end of their capacities is a scenario most of us could not imagine.

On our front page and our social media channels, we are currently showing a video that starts to tell the NOA story. This first video is the beginning of a row of puzzle pieces to show what NOA is about. Keep following our different channels to get to know more about our vision.

This is where a new story begins

In the picture above, you can see the skyline of Frankfurt at the Main in Germany. The picture was captured from our office window. Frankfurt is an interesting place for our offices, the reasons for that are multiple:

Reason #1: Frankfurt has one of the biggest airports in Europe.

In 2019 there were about 71 million passengers and about 2 million tons of goods passing the airport. For passengers, that’s the 4th highest value in Europe and for goods the 8th highest in the world. (see s1)

Reason #2: Frankfurt has many big companies operating from here

In Frankfurt, there are many big companies located, for example big German banks like Commerzbank or important travel companies like Deutsche Bahn or Lufthansa Maintenance. (see s2)

Reason #3: Frankfurt is very central

In Germany, Frankfurt is not only perfectly connected with it’s big airport and train station, it is also very central. There are many quick routes to get to the most important areas in Germany.

Reason #4: The skyline

Frankfurt has the biggest skyline that a German city can offer. No other city in Germany has so many buildings with a height of 100 meters or more. In Frankfurt, there are even 30 of them. From the NOA office, you have a great view on the bank area (as seen in the picture). (see s3)


What is the role of psychologists in the corporate context?

In a private context, going to a psychologist is more of a taboo subject. Considering that in the vast majority of cases the employees are the most valuable asset of a company, it is hard to understand that even in the business world there is barely any talk about it. According to DAK, 15.2% of sick days today have a psychological background. Often it is about illnesses that are on the rise in Germany, such as Depression or Burnout-Syndrome. Every company can help prevent this from happening in the first place. In general with, meaningful, holistic tasks that motivate employees. Similarly, words of praise and appreciation from superiors help employees to feel valued and enjoy going to work.

In business psychology, several instruments have been developed which make it possible to analyse the working conditions in a company and provide the basis for measures. For example, the procedure to determine regulatory requirements (VERA) allows the regulatory requirements of a particular job to be recorded by means of observing interviews and, based on this, design measures to increase motivation at work without increasing mental stress. As a rule, such procedures are designed for production activities and office work.

Do you need advice on business psychology? We will be happy to assist you in all matters and will work with you to develop measures for assessing the status quo and optimising the working climate in your company.

Our project engineer Julian Cunow is just finishing his master degree in business psychology with a master thesis about the topic “How can involvement and participation in the software engineering process result in more positive acceptance for business software”?