COVID tracing app: what is happening in Europe?

With this post, we try to answer the question in the title. Although the worst period of contagion has passed (in Europe), COVID19 continues to claim victims and the possibility of a second wave is real.

Several countries have developed the famous tracing apps, which allows you to keep track of contacts between people and consequently promptly intervene in case of contact with a person infected with COVID.

Without going around the problem and leaving aside the privacy issues that many people are speculating on, in Europe, we haven’t been able to develop a single and unique tracing app. Each European country (not all) has its own exclusive app and we have to deal with it.

The question arises: if I travel between different European countries, will the app of my country of residence be enough? The answer at the moment is no but not for long. In fact, the European Commission agreed on the interoperability of the tracing apps. This means that (hopefully!) soon National applications will be able to interact with each other. At the moment we just have to download the apps of all the countries in which we will travel.

It can be annoying to have to search for every single app or information, so we are working on a project that will soon simplify the days of those who decide to travel safely.

More information will be released shortly, keep following us.

  Antonio Fornabaio

NOA Project Assistant

COVID tracing app: what is happening in Europe?

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