Sony Automotive

Lead Program / Project
• Reporting and quality optimization, project Ford ICP Panel
• Support Ford, troubleshooting, escalation assessments
• Risk-analysis, optimization and coaching team and processes
• Optimization program, training of personnel
• Yellow-parts training, cost break down, acquisition
• Communication with all factions, ensuring the interfaces
• Places of operation: Stuttgart, Czech Republic, France

Mahle-Behr Kornwestheim

Thermo Unit, Lead Program Offensive
Project Management
• Global lead and coordination Agenda 2017
• Project coordination and coaching of the teams
• Reporting to the steering commitee
• Securing the divisions within the organization
• Coordination and communication between the groups and sites
• Budget monitoring
• Places of operation: Germany – Kornwestheim; Germany – Berga; Czech Republic – Holysov; Korea – Busan