Collaboration: the key to success.

Collaboration nowadays is a big topic in many companies. Due to the Corona pandemic we got another clue, how important it is to work together with colleagues and to communicate. Collaboration has many different perspectives.    

1) Promote problem-solving: a group of people with different skills can deal with critical issues with different approaches and points of view. Although today there are different opinions on how effective heterogeneos teams really are (combination of different skills vs. conflicts between differences) there is no denying that the combination of many individual knowledges is more effecting than relying on just one individual.    

2) Team spirit can lead to more motivation: it was shown in many different situations, that having goals as a team can lead to more motivation than working alone.    

3) Increases employee satisfaction, productivity and efficency: feeling part of a project is rewarding, allows one to work better and involves achieving a common goal.    

These are just some of the benefits of collaboration. Well, now we understand that collaboration is important. How can we improve our working environment? Here are some simple tricks that will help you:    

1) Listen twice the amount of time you spend talking – and listen actively Be ready to listen to your colleagues and empathize with the issues raised. Give them permanently feedback.    

2) We win together. We lose together. The group’s goals are achieved by all members. The work of each member is important for achieving the objectives, but it is the end result that counts. In the group we are all winners or all losers.    

3) Flexibility. Being ready to help and adapt to group needs is a fundamental step for its success. Be prepared to rearrange your time in the most appropriate way.    

Here at NOA we have made collaboration the key to the success of our business. The collaboration between colleagues and external partners represents one of the central pillars of our corporate ethics.    

We strongly believe that collaboration is the first step in facing the challenges that the world offers us every day.      

Antonio Fornabaio
NOA Project Assistant